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Buy, collect, and sell the most unique moments from your favorite celebrities, immortalized as NFTs

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Logan Paul
Rare moments from Logan’s fight with Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul
Future in-person moments with Logan in Puerto Rico
Amanda Cerny
The first ever exclusive collection of NFTs from moments in Amanda’s life
Own moments from your favorite celebrities
In September 2021, the world will change forever as celebrities will be able to easily convert their unique memories into NFTs and sell them on SuperBid. Now, you will be the one to own them.
Discover moments
Win auctions, show yourself on your idol’s profile and show off your collection
Resell for a potential profit
Ultimate vision

Why the $SUPERBID utility token?

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    SuperBid's native utility token, $SUPERBID, is the in-app currency used to participate in social auctions and experiences. Our app will attract mainstream social media users regardless of their level of cryptocurrency knowledge.
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    Demand for the SuperBid app enhances its ecosystem. We have access to over 100M potential users through celebrity partners like Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny.
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    Dynamic market movements make this in-app currency different from the rest. Social media users that purchase $SUPERBID are fueling demand for the entire ecosystem.
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    We are simplifying access to the $SUPERBID token by making it available to purchase with a credit card.
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Meet the first stars who will sell their moments
Key opinion leaders from the Music, Lifestyle, Sports, Business, Fashion, and Gaming industries can easily convert memories from their lives into NFTs and auction them off exclusively on SuperBid.
Logan Paul

Logan Paul

YouTuber, internet personality, actor, podcaster, and professional boxer


Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny

Actress, Model, and Health and Wellness Enthusiast


Jay Alvarrez

Jay Alvarrez

Extreme sports & travel videographer


Dana Vicci

Dana Vicci

TikTok influencer


Natalia Janoszek

Natalia Janoszek

Actress & model


Dec 2021

December release

  1. Global marketing promotion
  2. New exchange listing
  3. Magic Boxes and Buy Now option
  4. Resale on the platform
  5. New Ambassador
  6. Rewards system for users
  7. New Partnership
Nov 2021

November release

  1. CEX Listing
  2. Referral Program
  3. A-list influencer auction
  4. New Ambassador A-list
  5. Launch into a new market
  6. Airdrop Campaign
Oct 2021

October release

  1. Full content unlocking experience stage I
  2. Launch Crypto YT campaign
Sep 2021

NFT Marketplace Launch

Official launch of the SuperBid marketplace, with over 20 unique auctions of celebrity moments

Global marketing campaign launch

Multi dimensional marketing campaign focused around NFTs
Jun 1

Logan Paul joins SuperBid

One of the biggest internet personalities in the world joins Superbid with over 79.6M followers, providing us with direct access to millions of potential users
May 22

Alpha app tests

The first version of the app released to a select group of testers
Feb 19

Uniswap Listing

Stealth launch of the utilitarian $SUPERBID token on Uniswap, the world’s largest decentralized exchange with over $2B volume daily
Meet the team

Wojciech Sobczuk

Founder & Vice President at Esvelo, a company building tech for global companies such as Trubify.com, Music.com and unicorns like Fair. Featured in TechCrunch, Inc. 500, Business Insider, Fortune, and Bloomberg. Founder of the world’s first multi-million user social media app. Serial entrepreneur, 16 years of business and full-stack development experience, and over 6 years of cryptocurrency market experience.


Patrick Gajda

Over 10 years of experience in business management and product development. Active entrepreneur and serial startups investor in space, fintech, IT, e-commerce. President of Esvelo and member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network).


Branden Hampton

Recognized by Forbes as the king of social media, has built over 36M followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. First-to-market adopter of social media, has worked with over 500 different celebrities, athletes, artists, and social media influencers. One of the largest holders of “digital real estate” in the social landscape, including: @Travel, @Beauty, @Makeup, and @Marijuana.


Artur Pszczółkowski

CMO of GamerHash, helped take its $GHX token 70x from the presale. Managed digital activities in Swiss-based global corporation which had a yearly turnover of more than $4 Billion. More than 15 years of Broad international & corporate background. His expertise lays in business analysis & marketing strategies for blockchain projects.

SuperBid Charity Program

At SuperBid, we believe in the common good of humanity. We recognize that while there are differences between us, we all share the same basic needs. That’s why we decided to focus on supporting programs like education, food insecurity, and environmental conservation.

We set aside 10,000,000 tokens to support these efforts over the next 10 years.

Charity image
Meet our partners